Animal Farm

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Revolution is the most powerful move that a group of people within a country could ever make. A revolution is usually sudden, noisy, confusing, and frightening; it is what people do when they have reached their tolerance limit under a certain group or government. However, George Orwell’s Animal Farm has put a new twist on our idea of a revolution by using animals as the characters engaged in the rebellion. It draws an eerie comparison between animals turning on humans and humans reducing themselves to the level of animals in the way they turn upon one another. Revolutions follow a certain predictable pattern and often result in endings being the same as beginnings.

Revolutions begin when rulers abuse and take advantage of their power. For example, in Animal Farm, Mr. Jones abused his power when he didn’t feed the animals very much, and continued to work them as hard as they were worked before. There is also a positive side to all of this. Abuse and mistreatment by the rulers can make some people come out and talk about their desires for a better society. In Animal Farm the animals were motivated by Old Majors speech, which suggested that they were treated very unfairly, and that they should prepare for a rebellion to overthrow Mr. Jones. Revolutions are always sure to begin when rulers mistreat their people and abuse their power.

With the overthrow of an old government in a revolution, a new and improved society is formed for the people. After the rebellion in Animal Farm, all of the animals became optimistic about the future. The pigs began to set up committees to teach the animals how to read and write. After a revolution, new societies always have people that assume power right away, either because they are smarter, or they…


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