comparison of how to tell a true war story and soldiers home

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Custom essay writing help: comparison of how to tell a true war story and soldiers home

There is a difference in attitudes in men towards war, specially when one goes to war volunteering out patriotism, or if you go to war simply because you were drafted. Therefore leaving behind things and goals, you had in mind, instead of combat.

Both stories relate to post war nostalgia, In O’Brien’s is about a middle age veteran twenty years after Vietnam, still having nightmares about the era. This story tells us about two friends, Bob Kiley and Curt Lemon, two young kids in their late teens, in addition, it talks about the horrors of war. Curt Lemon was characterized by valor, courage and I can do attitude He liked to volunteer for dangerous missions such as night patrols, and doing reckon, but it clearly states that this was done out the thrill of the challenge. Nothing states this was done because of the love of his country. In addition, he describes these kids as just being there without any sense of what was really happening around them. They did not understand about the horror of war the reality of the situation. As far as they were concern this was just another camping trip out in the woods, and acted just like it by evidence they played games with grenades, true they were smoke grenades, nevertheless this were tools of a war. On the other hand, Bob Kiley was characterized by the profound love and admiration of his pal Curt Lemon and how much was he affected by his death. It tell us about the letter he send his sister after his death and how two months later she does not reply, this was if nothing else and attempted by Kiley to get closure. Later in the story it revels how Bob Kiley still frustrated by the death of his friend,…


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