Ethical Decision Making

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The impact of ethics on decision-making is paramount. Ethics is the very fiber that we use to compass our decision-making. It is the very context, the heart and the soul from which all decisions have their basis derived from. In order to form an ethically defensible decision, one must takes great pains to make sure all the angles have been covered. Among the questions that should be asked are : Are all of the stakeholders are being considered in the process? Are all of the moral issues are being addressed? Are any or all-possible conflicts between stakeholders are being addressed? The question of is there any conflicts between moral absolutes, like between telling the truth and not wanting to cause harm to other individuals, groups or organizations. A lot of ethical dilemmas come forth when one seeks to apply ethics to any given decision. For instance when a company is forced to make reductions in workforce. The morality of saving the company as a whole verses the stakeholders who will lose their jobs is a continuing issue in today’s economy. Companies must consider what the ground rules are and then apply those ground rules fairly across the organization. When companies come to this juncture they must first ask: What are the ground rules, what could they be and what should they be? Management then must evaluate what are the moral implications of the decision? Companies then have to ask themselves if this decision will change the ground rules that are already in place? These same kind of ethical questions can be found and applied to any situation, for instance parents with their children, couples with each other, teachers and students, religious leaders and their flock. Ethics is paramount when it comes to government leaders in our three branches that are…


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