Marketing Plan-OxyClean

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Custom essay writing help: Marketing Plan-OxyClean

Table of Contents:

I. Executive Summary

a. Business Description

b. Mission/Vision Statement

c. Product/Service

d. Core Competencies

e. Marketing Mix

f. Projected Sales & Earnings

II. Products/Services

a. Description

b. Branding Ideas

III. Market Research & Analysis

a. Target Market

b. Competition: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

c. Channels of Distribution

d. Promotions

Executive Summary

Max and Elaine Appel founded Orange Glo International in 1992. As a father and

consultant to environmental and medical organizations, Max recognized the importance

of maintaining a healthy environment both inside and outside the home. Today, we

remain a family-run business, developing powerful cleaners that are healthy, safe for

the environment, effective and economical to use.

Since our first demonstration of Orange Glo at the Colorado State Fair, millions

of millions of people throughout the US, and in places as far as Tokyo and Paris have

tried, used and told their friends and neighbors about our products.

Mission Statement/Vision Statement

At Orange Glo International, our mission is to delight people with magnificent

new ways to clean that are innovative and healthy. We actively seek input from

consumers and customers about our products and services. Each of our products

reflect(s) input from people like you. We hope your experience with Orange Glo

International is wonderful. Our Mission is to supply safe products for the maintenance

of longer healthier lives and to help keep and preserve our earth as a toxic free

environment for plants, wildlife, and man. We offer, and will seek to find, products for

safe cleaning of homes, offices, businesses, and vehicles. Further, our mission is to offer

distributorship financial opportunities through distribution of these products. Our

mission is to constantly be a growing, profitable company that is respected for its

reputation of treating its customers and associates with the highest level of honesty and


Our focus is to provide our customers and associates with the level of

satisfaction with regard to our products and services that always surpasses there



We developed our first product, Orange Glo Wood Cleaner and Polish, in the



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