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There are times in one’s life when a person must make great sacrifices in order to do that which is morally just. John Proctor, from the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and David Merrill, from the movie “Guilty by Suspicion”, which was directed by Irwin Winkler, both choose to make the morally correct decisions, and they both suffered the consequences for doing so in an era of mass hysteria. Read more…


Monte Cristo and Amadillo

Custom essay writing help: Monte Cristo and Amadillo

The Movie “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas and story “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edger Allen Poe share a common theme of revenge. They both portray a man who has had wrong done to him by another, to even the score they make careful plans and get close to their enemy to carry out their blow. Read more…


Differences between “The Crucible” “The Outsider”

Custom essay writing help: Differences between “The Crucible” “The Outsider”

Year 12 PES English

Comparative Essay

Differences between “The Crucible” “The Outsider”

There are several similarities and differences between these two texts. Most of which are centred on the main characters of each respective text. John Proctor and Mersault are isolated and slowly crushed by a society that refuses to accept them as who they are. Both men are forced to take on society, and tackle conformity head on. Both Miller and Camus have developed characters that demonstrate one mans fight against society, whether it be through a theocracy that encompasses highly strict religious values, or a legal system that judges the individual and not the crime. Read more…


A Simple Idea

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Executive Summary

The focus of McBean-Hinton will be meeting the expectations and needs of its customers with respect to the customer purchasing pizza and complimentary products.

McBean-Hinton, also DBA 1-800-LO-Pizza (.com), is a startup company with an innovative idea to market pizza (and other associated products such as salads, sandwiches, subs, wings, bread sticks, beverages, etc.). 1-800-LO-Pizza (.com) is a new interactive ordering system where consumers will be able to secure pizza and associated products at the most competitive prices. 1-800-LO-Pizza (.com) will give providers (pizza distributors and affiliate markets), who offer home delivery and carry-out services, access to a larger customer base through greater advertising and marketing by McBean-Hinton. A comparable analysis would be what FANDANGO and MOVIEFONE has done for movies, what 1-800-flowers.com has done for florist, my company with your partnership will do for pizza. Read more…


Value of a College Education

Custom essay writing help: Value of a College Education

My thirst for learning is a never ending quest that has taken me to new depths not only in the way that I perceive things, but has opened my mind up to new ideals and revelations. The power of knowledge is unmatched by any other known attribute, and is the one gift, that if exercised, will keep on giving. In the world of the twenty-first century, known to us as the information age, education is vital to every individual’s success in his or her career path. The value of a college education, and continued quest for higher learning is not only a proven attribute in positioning ones self as an inextinguishable asset in the workplace, but also brings a higher monetary value associated with it. Achieving a college education will also enhance your self worth and social status while enabling you to become a role model and mentor to your family and friends. Following an educational path will ensure that your career path is always open and full of options, and will eventually guarantee a prosperous life. Read more…


Human resources at McDonald's

Custom essay writing help: Human resources at McDonald's

It is often said that a business is only good as its staff – that without good staff the business is less likely to be successful. Human Resources Management is concerned with getting the best from staff and achieving an efficient and effective workforce – and concerned with ways of doing this. Human resources management covers the personal development and motivation of performance of individuals teams whole selection and department. It looks at how managers and supervisors can support staff to get the best out of them. It deals with day-to-day management issues as listed above. Read more…


Alice Walker's Characterization of Dee in the Short Story “Everyday Use”

Custom essay writing help: Alice Walker's Characterization of Dee in the Short Story “Everyday Use”

In Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” strong characterization is abundant throughout the main characters. The story contains three main characters with Dee exhibiting the most diverse characterization. In her short “Everyday Use” Alice Walker characterizes Dee by what Dee does, what Dee says, and what others say about Dee. Read more…


JD Ltd is a small manufacturing company. Currently they do not have a mission statement, dicuss whether or not such a statement would be useful to the company?

Custom essay writing help: JD Ltd is a small manufacturing company. Currently they do not have a mission statement, dicuss whether or not such a statement would be useful to the company?

A mission statement should be organisation specific and details an organisations reason for being. Most Mission statements bring together the companies main aims and objectives and present them as the long term, most important objective for the company to realise. Mission statements outline the way forward for a company in a way that best represents what the company is about. Read more…


Critical Essay On Mummies

Custom essay writing help: Critical Essay On Mummies

Is it ethical to put the ancient dead on public display? Is it morally correct to even disturb ancient cemeteries for educational reasons? While it is not known how the Ancient Egyptians would have felt, studying the bodies of ancient peoples makes it possible to learn more about their lives and deaths. There are many extremely strict laws that punish people who damage or destroy sites to acquire artifacts in order to keep them or sell them. Archaeologists work very carefully with geologists and biologists to complete research. It is the responsibility of an archaeologist to take into careful consideration the cultural heritage to which a human burial belongs in making a decision about whether or not to excavate a grave. Archaeologists have made it possible for us to learn and understand the thoughts and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It is not unethical or morally incorrect to try to learn and understand past cultures. In fact, without the work of archaeologists, we would know very little about the Ancient Egyptians, including their strong beliefs in religion.
Read more…


Frazee v. Illinois

Custom essay writing help: Frazee v. Illinois

Frazee v. Illinois Department of Employment Security

Facts of the Case

William A. Frazee refused a temporary retail position offered him by Kelly Services because the job would have required him to work on Sundays. Mr. Frazee maintained his devout Christian beliefs precluded him from working on “the Lord’s Day”. Mr. Frazee applied to the Illinois Department of Employment Security for unemployment compensation benefits claiming that there was good cause for his refusal to work on Sundays. The Illinois Department of Employment Security denied him unemployment compensation, claiming his reason for not working on Sunday was invalid. An administrative review board, an Illinois Circuit Court, and the State Appellate Court affirmed the denial. Mr. Frazee appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court and the court ruled in his favor (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2001, p. 268). Read more…

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